Bob’s back Baby!

Luckily Bob’s Floors didn’t have to close during the lockdown. Most businesses didn’t have to close but chose to out of caution. For those who did stay open and found a way to do it safely, I commend you, and those who chose to close, thank you for your sacrifice. Most businesses are trying to find a way to open back up in a safe manner and to try to make ends meet. I would encourage you to shop local and to support your small shops and restaurants as best you can. I personally have tried to order out at my favourite restaurants to make sure when things get back to normal, they are still there to serve us. Bob’s Floors helped us by keeping their signage needs local, and ordering new lettering and banners from us. Thanks! If you own or work at a business, try to look through your customer base and make your purchases through them. I have always tried to make my purchases from businesses that print with us. We can get through this together by supporting each other.

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