Things are getting sticky!

Walk this way!

I have had the pleasure of helping a few places get ready to re-open with floor decals. It’s nice to see businesses getting back up and running. There are different challenges to opening back up, and some will be easier to deal with than others. Customers can help by keeping their distance, and businesses by offering a safe, well designed plan for us to follow. I have noticed that some businesses that rely on volunteers may have an additional challenge, and that’s finding volunteers. Most volunteers are of retirement age, which is the most vulnerable age, and some might be or have loved ones that are immune compromised. We should make sure we give workers and volunteers that are older the space and respect they deserve. If you are healthy and have extra time, maybe you should think about volunteering to help cover the people that can no longer volunteer. I really enjoyed installing floor decals at the Campbell River Thrift Shop today, and am looking forward to the day they can open safely. It looks like they are getting ready around the store preparing everything to be as safe as possible. Good luck ladies!

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