Halloween was different this year!!! Not everyone did things the usual way this year. We chose to have a family day and just buy the treats the kids wanted this year. (Disappointing to say the least) With the way things are going we were a little more cautious, which worked for us (sort of). We did see some kids out there with their masks on. (scary and otherwise)

With lots of businesses trying to stay open as cases rise again, masks are becoming more the norm. I think that wearing a mask can be inconvenient, but if we all wear masks those small stores will be able to keep their doors open. We have been printing more mandatory mask signs lately and also custom face masks for businesses and individuals. It’s a small price to pay to make sure we keep our spread to a minimum here in town. This will allow us to keep being able to take the kids to soccer and dance safely.

Keep Safe and if possible wear a mask when in the stores.
We will get through this and hopefully sooner than later.


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