What’s Christmas without Family

This year we are not going to Vancouver to visit family. Our family has decided not to chance it. That doesn’t mean we can’t still see them. 30 years ago we would just have to call them and wish them well, but now with computers we can still video chat so that the kids still get to see my Mom and other family members. It’s not the same as being there but it is a small sacrifice to make to keep everyone safe. We will plan a big party at the first as soon as it is possible.

Christmas will be toned down this year, and maybe that’s a good thing. It will make us appreciate the small things more and we won’t have to run around to everyone’s house and not feel rested. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the parties and seeing everyone but maybe just maybe it will make us concentrate on our own family. With no events going on we will have to be more creative than usual.

This year we have noticed more people sending calendars, photo books custom cards as people are still trying to make sure their loved ones get to see the past year of kid photos. As usual I’m not ready, but at least I can send things late and blame it on the Post Office. It’s never to late to send a loved one something special to show how much we miss them. If you don’t do it now, then do it in the new year, I’m sure they would love to get something special then. I have tried to send the odd little thing to my mom every once in awhile just to make sure she knows we are still thinking of her.

Have a good Christmas, and make sure to tell the people you can’t be with that you are thinking of them.


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