To be or not to be… or is it 3D or not 3D

Should I print it on a 3D printer or cut it out from cardboard or router it from wood? With so many options the creative process is opened up.

We recently received our new Snapmaker 3D printer and it is so cool. It is actually a 3D printer, laser etch/cutter and CNC router. I’ve been playing with it, and made a few things. An octopus business card holder and a laser cut 4 layer River Ink sign out of cardboard.

We will be making custom laser engraved badges, wedding placemarks on wood rounds and so much more. If you have an idea, please call us to see if we can help you out. This machine is so versatile so I’m sure we can handle most small projects. As time goes on we will know more of what is possible and what materials etch and cut best with the laser. The 3D printer can print with different materials and we can print file ready 3D files or we can help you create something from scratch. As for the CNC router I have not tried that module yet so stay tuned for that.

My son wants one for home but I told him I have to master this one first (I’m sure he could probably figure it out faster than me), maybe one day. Until then I can play at work (time permitting) with the new machine. He is so jealous.

We will post more images on Facebook as creations keep coming.


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