What’s in a word?

Some people have a way with words… and some of us struggle a bit. Sometimes it’s good to write thing down to work things out for yourself, and sometimes we can share those thoughts to help others. Once in awhile the written words are poetic… and that can be a special thing to share.

I had the privilege of installing poetry on some downtown business windows today. It’s pretty neat to see all the talent from different poets all displayed on the windows of stores along Shopper’s Row and a few others. Our town is full of artistic people, and it’s nice to see that we get to show their talent to everyone.

The Art & Earth Festival is coming September 24-27. Check out their website at https://crarts.ca/artandearth/ or take a stroll right now to see some the poetry displayed right now. Get inspired or just enjoy!


What’s moving you?

Lately Iv’e been trying to get my mountain bike to move me, but it looks like I have to do the work on that one. What keeps you moving during this weird time? For some it’s something like a book to take your mind on a journey, and for some (like my son) it’s video games. At work here we just did the outside of the CR Movers big truck with new cut vinyl and it looks pretty good. I guess the people down at CR Movers might be moving you if you’re moving your stuff to a new location. Anyways, I hope you can find something to keep you moving! Campbell River is such a great place to explore the outdoors with hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing….the list is endless, so find what moves you and get out there. Good luck and stay safe!


Things are getting sticky!

Walk this way!

I have had the pleasure of helping a few places get ready to re-open with floor decals. It’s nice to see businesses getting back up and running. There are different challenges to opening back up, and some will be easier to deal with than others. Customers can help by keeping their distance, and businesses by offering a safe, well designed plan for us to follow. I have noticed that some businesses that rely on volunteers may have an additional challenge, and that’s finding volunteers. Most volunteers are of retirement age, which is the most vulnerable age, and some might be or have loved ones that are immune compromised. We should make sure we give workers and volunteers that are older the space and respect they deserve. If you are healthy and have extra time, maybe you should think about volunteering to help cover the people that can no longer volunteer. I really enjoyed installing floor decals at the Campbell River Thrift Shop today, and am looking forward to the day they can open safely. It looks like they are getting ready around the store preparing everything to be as safe as possible. Good luck ladies!

Bob’s back Baby!

Luckily Bob’s Floors didn’t have to close during the lockdown. Most businesses didn’t have to close but chose to out of caution. For those who did stay open and found a way to do it safely, I commend you, and those who chose to close, thank you for your sacrifice. Most businesses are trying to find a way to open back up in a safe manner and to try to make ends meet. I would encourage you to shop local and to support your small shops and restaurants as best you can. I personally have tried to order out at my favourite restaurants to make sure when things get back to normal, they are still there to serve us. Bob’s Floors helped us by keeping their signage needs local, and ordering new lettering and banners from us. Thanks! If you own or work at a business, try to look through your customer base and make your purchases through them. I have always tried to make my purchases from businesses that print with us. We can get through this together by supporting each other.