River Ink Printing and Signs Ltd. (formerly R.H. Printing), started as a home business with one press, and has grown to a fully functional printing and bindery shop, running for over 30 years out of Campbell River, B.C.

Our full range of products and services for all of your paper printing needs, from pre-press, to post-press we are with you every step of the way!

Submitting Files

All files should be submitted as PDFs. We do NOT accept Word documents, as they do not hold their fonts, or formatting when opened on different computers. There are PDF converters online that are available for free, to ensure things are printed exactly as they look on your screen. Other acceptable formats include .ai ; .eps; .jpeg (for photos) ; packaged InDesign folders.

Is Your File Print-Ready Checklist:

  1. Preferably, your file should be a PDF. Other acceptable formats are JPGS (photographs), EPS, and AI
  2. Built to finished size (no bleeds) or finished size plus 1/8” (with bleeds)
  3. Colour profile is CMYK (with the exception for photo files)
  4. No critical information inside the safety zone (within 1/8” of the edge of the paper edge)
  5. All solid black areas are 100% K and not CMYK mixed
  6. All pictures are a minimum of 200 DPI in resolution at the finished print size
  7. All fonts are outlined or supplied separately if providing a file-type other than PDF
  8. If you are sending an uncommon font, please insure to package and imbed it in your file
  9. Do not have boarders to frame your file, as slight movements during printing can cut off, or make your final piece appear uneven.

Some of our products…