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Is Your File Print-Ready Checklist:

  • Preferably, your file should be a PDF. Other acceptable formats are JPGS (photographs), EPS, and AI

  • Built to finished size (no bleeds) or finished size plus 1/8” (with bleeds)

  • Colour profile is CMYK (with the exception for photo files)

  • No critical information inside the safety zone (within 1/8” of the edge of the paper edge)

  • All solid black areas are 100% K and not CMYK mixed

  • All pictures are a minimum of 200 DPI in resolution at the finished print size

  • All fonts are outlined or supplied separately if providing a file type other than PDF

  • If you are sending an uncommon font, please ensure to package and imbed it in your file

  • Do not have borders to frame your file, as slight movements during printing can cut off, or make your final piece appear uneven.